With over 3 years experience of aerial filming and flying mutil-rotor in FPV (first Person View) - DigitalHexa Pilots have a wealth of experience in filming from the air.

Specialists flying in close formation
Please feel free to watch some of our showreels showing our capability.

We have all the necessary approval and insurances to film all over Sweden, and have professional in house skills in video editing, to be able to deliver a completed and polished product ready for use.

Prices start from 4750kr in the Stockholm area for delivery of aerial footage

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Showreel - Introduction movie for Team Pilot Fishing Team

In the production of this film, we were able to complete all filming in just one day. Team Pilot are Swedish Champions in Pike fishing, and are very active with their youtube channel that focuses on helping new fishermen get into the sport.

For just 10,000kr - DigitalHexa can make a similar bespoke video production for your needs.

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Showreel - Jet skiers of Östersund

While working on the production of our scenic video catalogue, we came across a group of Jet skiers in Östersund.

With just 30 mins of flying and with some great skills from these Jet Skiers, we were able to make this 3 minute movie - a gift to the group to show how awesome they were.

All video editing was performed by our in house video editing team.

For just 10,000kr - DigitalHexa can make a similar bespoke video production for your needs.

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Professional Grade Equipment

DigitalHexa only uses professional grade equipment in the delivery of its services. We use products designed to operate safely, and provide the best quality of delivery to our customers.

Timely Service

Our pilots have proven skills to be able to capture the footage you require.

4K video footage

Using the latst Panasonic GH4, we are able to film in up to 4K 24fps resolution from the air

Value for money

Prices start from 10000kr in the Stockholm area. If required we are certainly prepared to travel to assist you in your production. Please contact us for a detailed offer.

In house video editing

We have the skills in house using Final Cut Pro to edit all our video footage, being able to deliver a completed and polished product.

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