DigitalHexa has the capability to provide you with a live aerial view of up to 120m - in accordance with the UAS regualtions of Transportsyrelse.

Keep your feet safely on the ground while being able to inspect up to a height of 120m
With our professional grade drones, we are able to stream live High defintion video footage to you safely on the ground. We can provide you with close up still photographs in up to 4K resolution of an object, to allow you to visually inspect for faults.

Live coverage needed?
This service can also provide live video coverage of a situation, for example crowd control and monitoring - and for assisting the emergency services, please contact us for more information.

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Professional Grade Equipment

DigitalHexa only uses professional grade equipment in the delivery of its services. We use products designed to operate safely, and provide the the quality of delivery to our customers.

Timely Service

Our pilots can be on location typically within 48 hours, and as long as the weather permits, capture and deliver aerial photographs at the location.

The right focus

We use a DSLR camera mounted in precisely controlled gimbal to ensure the shot is stable, in focus and free from fisheye lens distortion. We have invested in the right equipment to be in the air, so you dont have to!

Value for money

Prices start from 2000kr in the Stockholm area per location to be photographed.

Be safe

Let us go up high so you can have your feet safely on the ground.

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